Struggling on whether I should go for Summer Comiket this weekend and skip Friday’s class. The plane tickets are pretty cheap but I don’t know about accommodation since it’s the Obon Week. I probably could fly on Friday afternoon, go for Saturday (it’s the only day I’m interested in) and fly back Sunday? But I won’t get to visit anything outside comiket plus *ico/pokachi/Cassis/Myumi are the only doujinka(s) that got tables. *Ico and a number of doujinka(s) won’t be at winter comiket too but I’m on break then and can stay longer. I’m conflicted :(

Can someone help me translate this line? I’ve a rough idea but I’m not sure :(


lovetrustfaith sent: 鼬. 12.




Itachi =D

You know what is not cool, I thought ‘hey, why don’t I print out the doujinshi that I was supposed to translate and I’ll do it on my way to the hospital tomorrow’ and bam, a scorpion stung me. Now my writing hand is both painful and lethargic at the same time.

Thanks universe.