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Happy Uchihas! Dedicated to lovetrustfaith.

— 君想う蜜の夜 (Kimi omou mitsu no yoru)


Thanks a bunch!! The language in this was way too difficult for myself to translate. I laughed so hard at some of my poor attempts when I read your translation. I blushed too - I suspected that this is a story in which Sasuke is kinda really open…

You really shouldn’t feel too bad about your translation, it took me a long time to translate it because of the informal Japanese which I’m unfamiliar with (and I dislike Naruto’s long ramblings and trying to make it sound like it makes sense).

*Ico seems to draw her Sasuke being pervy and Itachi relenting to Sasuke. I thought you might feel that way after knowing the dialogues and I probably should have warned you beforehand. Tbh i prefer ‘death in the afternoon’ & ネコノキモチ which one is sadder & another with neko!ItaSasu and has very silly humor.

Pokachi has rather IC ItaSasu but her drawings can vary in quality. For Mako, she portrays ItaSasu as very much forbidden. She’s my favourite but you do need a solid fluency in kanji to read them. I like gokuyou honey and ECLIP too but I think they don’t make anymore dj.

Personally I’ve never seen a ItaSasu dj with mpreg/kids (there’s some in NaruSasu fandom, it’s actually quite cute and Sasuke being a tsundere wife amuses me) but if you know of any, do let me know :)

I was actually thinking of asking you to draw Shisui kissing various parts of Itachi but that is still adorable. Thanks anyway ^^

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We as women are trained to see ourselves as cheap imitations of fashion photographs, rather than seeing fashion photographs as cheap imitations of women.

Naomi Wolf, The Beauty Myth  (via nolabird)

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