Can someone help me translate this line? I’ve a rough idea but I’m not sure :(


chihiro-hime said: That sounds awful :O I hope you feel better soon!

Thanks dear :3 I feel a lot better now, although the injection now hurts more than the sting itself lol.

The good news is the universe felt bad for me so today I managed to get the only 真子 book I’m missing to complete my collection :D I missed out on it once and I felt so awful cause I love this one. Now if only that she’ll continue drawing for I/S fandom cause I love her so much T.T

lovetrustfaith sent: 鼬. 12.




Itachi =D

You know what is not cool, I thought ‘hey, why don’t I print out the doujinshi that I was supposed to translate and I’ll do it on my way to the hospital tomorrow’ and bam, a scorpion stung me. Now my writing hand is both painful and lethargic at the same time.

Thanks universe.